Thursday, 6 June 2013

Business Hair - The Simple Updo

To be successful in the workplace, you need to be prepared to deal with change and have a proactive nature and fresh outlook. We all know that wearing smart business wear makes you feel confident; you also need to ensure that your hair looks great.

It could be that you are a hard and diligent worker, but if your hair says that you're having problems, then your work colleagues and boss may not treat you seriously.
Check out these easy undo’s, give it a go they're just perfect for work :0) 

Hair Up do's for Long Hair

  1. Separate the hair in two sections.
  2. Twist each section in your hands.
  3. Cross over the sections and twist the ends together.
  4.  Tuck and roll the ends, then secure pins in an 'X' formation.
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 Also check this great video on you-tube for 
some great office styles.

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