Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Career Development: - Skills Training on a Shoe String

For many people out there, there’s always a “Dream Job” that we would love to aspire to.  We all want a job that we can enjoy, get excited and passionate about. 


But to enable that to happen we first of all need to ensure that our skills are in top notch state.   There are many courses out there that you can take that teach about business acronym, and enable you with lifestyle skills that could prove useful in your future career.  However they can be very expensive. 

 If you have been out of work for quite some time or you are in an existing role but fancy a career change sometimes budget can be challenging. So I started to do a little research and have come across some companies that could provide some useful courses to help you on your way.   

At the time of print Reeds have 25 online courses that are listed as being under £50.00.  They range from Business skills writing, presentation skills to effective business meetings and how to move into management type courses.

Some additional info that Reeds have sent through today 18/04 -  It seems that Reeds are offering a small amount of free courses by vision2learn

Check out the job seeking skills section.  Learn direct state that if you’re unemployed and on active benefits, in many other cases apparently government funding is available so you could get your course and qualification for free.  They offer at time of print a number of vocational qualifications around Business and Administration, Customer Service, Health and Social Care, Team Leading and Management.

The OU option similar to the above companies offers you the flexibility to learn remotely. For most courses you don't appear need any previous qualifications. There’s a wide range of subjects to help motivate you into getting the skills you could need for your next role. 

Local Council offerings
Also check your local government websites to see what training they can offer.

So I hope,  thats been helpful and I wish you all luck as you journey into your new careers. 

Note:  Disclaimer – These are genuine companies , but we have not road tested any of their courses and can not be held accountable for any issues experienced.

Written by Janie Britton  -

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