Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Curvy and Successful: Carolanne Brannan

This weeks Curvy and Successful feature is with lovely Carolanne Brannan, caring nurse specialist by day and an inspiring writer by night. 

I am a 33 year old life loving woman.  By day I am a Nurse Specialist with a major London hospital, I have just been successful this week with this post.  By night I am a writer, reader and perpetual fun seeker! 
I have my own website, presently it is a solely a Blog, however I am keen to extend it to a multi faceted Aladdin's Cave of pleasure. Said cave must involve shoes, and plenty of them...
I have always wanted to be creative, at school Drama, Classics and English were my subjects, I adored them both, getting lost in scenes of Antigone, Aphrodite and Romeo & Juliet, having fun and exchanging jokes with the boys in an alternative comedy club, picturing myself with Clive Anderson on "who's line is it anyway?"
Then, life stepped in, I went to university, completed my course to become a nurse and did so.  I don't regret this at all, as I had a wonderful career, learned what is actually important in life and made great friends.
Still, this burning desire to create would not extinguish.  A good friend asked me to write a poem for her wedding day, so I did, and read it the day they exchanged their vows.  I loved it, the flame was more robust than ever before.  Still, through fear of being judged, I tried to douse said flame..
Then, one lucky St Patrick's day of 2012, I met some famous comedians in a bar, full of the joys of the Irish, myself and one of the comedians hit it off, we chatted about his success on one of my favourite programs and he told me straight...Carolanne, the only person who can make you a writer is you.  So, I listened and the very next night, I made myself a writer.
So, with trepidation I pressed the "share" button, to link my first piece with Facebook, this took far more courage than I ever anticipated, but it felt amazing when the likes and positive comments came flooding in, and now 7 months on, to my deep delight and slight shock I am hitting 15,000 views. 
Another amazing thing, was a fan of the blog contacted me, telling me they had a company that did showreels and that she wanted to do a showreel for me because she loved my writing and wanted to make me a writer! I was aghast and agog! So, the Showreel was completed in a day of almost hypnotic laughter.  This fan is now a true and dear friend. 
Another dear and wonderful friend of mine is releasing an album, which can only be described as stunning and has entrusted me as one of her website and blog writers, being for two reasons, my love for all things verbose and my clinical expertise of people's suffering, her album is directed to help, support and sooth those with mental health and depression issues. 
So, very quickly after deciding that I did not care enough about negative judgement and that creating, writing and expression of myself was more important, I became a writer, perhaps not Bronte and on a small scale, but I made myself a writer. I had arrived.
This is the advice I'd give to any woman with an idea, a vision or a wish.  Do it and do it now, you'll only beat yourself up for not doing it sooner! 
In a few years time I'd love to be sitting in my garden, with a home made elderflower champagne in my hand, proudly running my fingers down the spine of my newly published paperback meanwhile gingerly enjoying the praise or hysteria that my newspaper column is causing.

Make your wish a reality, and do it today, after all, today is tomorrow's yesterday. 


  1. Oh Carolanne. you are indeed inspiring in all you do and the choices you make. You live your life on your terms whilst holding the care and concern for others close to your heart.

    My shift from 'fan' to friend is a treasure to my life. I look forward to see you continue to blossom in your writing career. The world is in for a treat.

    Luise x

  2. Loving you Luise, your shift from colleague to dear friend has inspired, supported and guided truly are an inspiration to me and all women with a dream...

    My writing career? Can I write your speech for Scottish Business Woman of the year?



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