Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How To Measure Your Bra Size.

Did you know that an estimated 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size?

The right bra doesn’t just support your breasts, it can help stop them from sagging, which can be bad for your back, and can also make you appear slimmer and help your clothes fit better. As a plus sized woman, chances are you’re probably a bit more well-endowed in the breast department, so wearing the right size not just important for your appearance, but for your health too.

Do your breast sit comfortably in the cups of your bra? Do the straps dig into your shoulders? Is the band level around your body? No?

Finding time to get fitted can be difficult if you’re a busy mum, or perhaps work long hours. So here’s a quick guide on how you can measure yourself at home.

Grab a tape measure and take your under bust measurement (in inches). Don’t measure too loosely, or too tightly; the tape should be snug but comfortable.

If your measurement is even, add two inches.
If your measurement is odd, add three inches.

For half sizes, round up to a whole number, i.e. 35.5" will be 36". 

E.g. If your measurement is 35”, you’ll add 3” making your result 38” - your bust size.

Now use your tape measure to take your over bust measurement to get your cup size. This again should be a snug measurement of the fullest part of your breast.

If your bust measurement is the same as the under bust measurement, your cup size is A
1inch more = B Cup
2inches more = C Cup
3inches more D Cup
4inches more = DD Cup
5inches more = E Cup
6inches more = F Cup
7inches more = FF Cup
8inches more = G Cup
… and so on.

So if my under bust result was 38", and my over bust result was 43" my bra size would be 38E.

This isn’t a definitive measurement, but will get you close to the size you should be wearing. Be sure to make time to be fitted by a professional (at least once a year!) who can address any extra needs you may have.

Give this a go and let us know how it works for you.