Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Curvy And Successful - Anita Bellamy

Anita ia a plus sized model and motivational speaker for an organisation called “Plus Sized Confidence”.  

Janie B - Whats your day job?

Anita B -" I am a fitting model, I work along side a designer, buying and fitting team."

JB - How do you manage stress?

AB - "Mmm I tend to try and see the good side in people even if its one thing. Then I sing or listen to music or chill with the my children."

 JB  - Do you have any out of work activities that you enjoy?

AB - "I have campaigned for close to two years  and I run Plus Confidence In You a organisation that stands for zero tolerance against body discrimination. At present I am working on a Plus Size Art Exhibition to help change people perspectives around body size."

JB - Tell us one thing about yourself that nobody else knows?

AB  - "Oh gosh I use to be a builder from construction to refurbishment lol"

JB - What fashion trend are you most looking forward to in the upcoming AW13 and SS14 season?

AB - "I would like to see that they set the trend of chic and trendy styles for all shapes and sizes. As it would be nice to have men suits for ladies and tailored trendy fashion for plus size,  not just tunics shapes and  flowery material for us."

"That they work with all size models without size restriction... There is fashion out there for us and of course to use designers like Dea London and it would be amazing if they showed Plus C. art exhibition ( if its ready lol)"

 JB - Tell me which piece out of the Dea London would you like to purchase and why?

AB - "Well this is not  rocket science to this piece. I love the cloak jacket. Amazing!!!! I have to have one."  
JB - Have you always been creative?

AB - "Yes I guess so, people always give me ideas and the passion to create for us. Making a difference in peoples lives as well as my own.." 

JB - Where do you want to be in five years' time?

AB - "Wow  that a big one..  I would like to be a part of a community created for plus size by plus size. The art project I am working on, I hope to be able to change the attitudes on size. Working with all different plus size organisation's as there is enough for everyone. Having magazines, fashion, designers, models showing a true representation for all sizes. Show how beautiful plus size people are and allowing people to take control of their own lives."

JB - What’s,your philosophy in life?

AB - "Try and live life as you would want be people to treat you as. We are all different and we may not all get a long all of the time but be kind to one another as life goes on far to long to waste it on negative thinking.

My final thoughts are that I am delighted to be judging the Miss Plus Size competition this year, run by Linda Kroch.. This kind of competition not only helps plus size women's confidence which is what I fight for. But helps spread the word to others that they are not alone in this campaign for life shape. "

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Written by Janie B for Dea London  - ( Link to Janies Website here)

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