Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fun in the office - Office Gadgets

The office can be a stressful and dreary place, if you’re what they call a mobile user then you don’t even get your own personal desk and have to “hot desk it”.  You can’t even put our your family pictures out on display to try and personalize your space, unless you carry them around with you constantly.  So why not have some fun whilst you are working.

We have researched the latest work gadgets , take a look and see if they  help make your days go a little smoother and hopefully you will have some fun as well .

Take a look, have a play, dont be afraid of  showing your inner kid :0)

Cute Monkey Memory Sticks - £6.45
Cute  Monkey memory sticks, certain to keep you smiling, and a great way to store your data.

Green Fruit Notepad Memo Stationary - £1.99
Gone are the days of boring square notepads, check out these amazing apple shaped pads available in Green and Red – so cute.

Star Trek TOS Phaser Laser Pointer $34.99
Are you a star trek fan?  No well you can still have fun livening up your boardroom presentation with this cute laser pointer. 


iFoolish Magic Drawing iPhone Case £14.95 
We love this gadget, bored in a meeting well draw on your phone and wipe away the evidence before your boss sees :0) 

Cheering Basketball Trash Can Toy Office Hoop for Home Office Relaxing  - £17.30

Maybe not one for a public office , but if you have a home office its great fun and it keeps the kids entertained as well.



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