Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Curvy and Successful Interview - Chasity,

Introducing  Chasity, a 30-something plus size blogger of five years,  from Georgia currently living in San Francisco California obsessed with fashion.  Lover of  makeup and says on her intro blog "believe it or not my ears are not pierced."
JB  - Tell us a little about yourself and what your blog is about?

Chasity - "I’m a wife and mom to my furbaby, Sugarsnap.  I’m also a full time blogger.  My blog is about my journey through life as a woman who loves fashion.  The blog includes outfit posts to provide inspiration, but also provides shopping guides to help the reader build a wonderful wardrobe."

JB - Has blogging changed your life? And if so, how?
C - "Blogging has changed my life in the since that I tend to have a connection with people everywhere I go.  I can literally go anywhere in the United States and have someone know me through my blog.  It gives me a sense of home and security, because if I have a question about the place that I’m visiting I always have someone to reach out to and ask."

JB - What are some of the positives and negatives you've experienced along the way?
C - "Positives are some of the wonderful feedback I get from readers.  Although it’s hard for me to feel this way about myself, they constantly tell me that I am an inspiration and that I have helped to change their lives.  That is such a weird feeling, but a good one at the same time.  I’m glad that I can inspire women to love & express themselves freely through clothing.

The negatives are that some people forget that I am a person too.  I have experiences, feelings, & opinions that are my own.  If they don’t agree with my opinion they often want to chastise me.  I’ve really had to learn to very diplomatic in how I say things."

JB - What would advice would you give to someone setting up a blog?
C - "Find your own voice.  People relate to what is different about you.  Trying to be like another blogger will not give you that authenticity.  Authenticity is what brings readers to you. Secondly, consistency and patience is what keeps a blog going.  Go in with no expectations, but give it your all."

JB - What blogger platform do you use and why?
C - "I use blogger.  It’s what I started out with.  It’s user friendly and now I can’t tear myself away from it."

JB - How do you like being approach by the brands & PR's?
C - "It’s cool as long as they approach me in a respectful and business minded way.  They have a business just like I have a business.   They are working for their business trying to create revenue, that’s the same for me."

 JB - What method do you use when reviewing products?
C - "Product reviews are selected very meticulously.  My first question is “would I buy this?”  I always want to stay true to my blog, my readers, and my own personal style.  I often turn down a lot of reviews just because it doesn’t fall in line with my own personal aesthetic.  Then there is the business portion of negotiating pricing and such."

JB - Has there been a particular product event that you thought stood out amongst all others that you have attended, if so please describe why?
C - "No. I’ve been to a few events when I visit NYC, but nothing that has stood out to me as a stellar event.   Not that they weren’t nice events, but nothing that was like “OMG!”"

JB - What upcoming event are you most looking forward to ?
C - "New York Fashion Week in September."

JB - In the upcoming AW13/SS14 seasons what trends/designs are you most excited about?
C - "I really can’t wait to get my hands on some winter white.  I’ve loved winter white for years, but often in plus size it’s never offered in a super chic way.  Plus size fashion has made huge strides, so I’m hoping something fantastic will be available."

JB - Have you ever been published in mainstream print/online magazines?
C - "Yes., Marie Claire, Elle, and the New York Times."

JB - Whats your philosophy in life?
C - "You get only one life.  Live it to the fullest."

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