Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What are we looking for in a Work Bag?

Have you ever struggled to find a decent work bag to suit all scenarios - I know I  have. So I started searching around and you'd be surprised how many bags are actually out there - you just need to look.

I asked  a selection of ladies and gents what they wanted to see in a bag and I got some pretty interesting feedback, here is what they said. 

 Velvet D’Amore ( editor, photography , the worlds first super plus sized model and owner of VOLP) 
http://www.velvetography.com/"lol too funny I am searching for a bag as we speak! I want bright purple and I want to be able to wear it over me so my hands are free, I try to avoid leather when I can, and Id like it to be big but with lotsa pockets and not too manly girly and elegant, which explains why I cant find shit! Lol

Girl I have lost the morning to Amazon.fr and Etsy and nada, cause it has to be able to come to France, in US its easy! Plus cant cost a fortune and it doesnt even need to hold a damn laptop just my bigass cameras,lol"

Kiki  ( from Rouge Noir PR)
"I prefer rucksacks, as I am practically caring my office with me.
It needs to be comfortable, stylish (to suit rest of my outfits), 
from sustainable materials and durable."

Plus confidence Big Bellamy
"I want a bag that  can fit my laptop, and paper work,
 I tend to like black and leather but I'm ok with plastic.
 I can use it for over night travel for a meeting."


Kelsey Arif ( Plus sized Model) 
Facebook page
 "Stylish, on trend, quality, leather quality, durability, size"

Rebecca Northcott ( Photographer)
"Something that has lots of compartments and fits everything I need. 
Especially things like secret zips or harder or open compartments 
as its saved me being robbed before hard to open"

Sarah Potter ( Fashion Editor Evolve) 
 I look for a good quality leather that
won't snap the straps, as well as pockets that I can put
 laptop, iPad, iPhone, notebook etc x"


Sabine Gruchet plus sized model , SS13 Look book  model for Dea London
Link to Site "A work bag is very important for me in my job as I have so many things that I need to carry.  Some of which are my IPAD Mobile, big bag of makeup and paperwork for invoices. Plus I have to carry a tank top, flip flogs and skin cloud underwear at least two to three times a week as I shoot for fashion catalogs and model on BID TV.  I don’t  use a wallet as it takes up to much space  so I need a zipped pocket so that I don’t lose things. More importantly it must be modern yet classic and be real leather."


Catherine W ( Lovely lady from the UK)
"Separate compartments for makeup, phone, keys, work pass etc. 
like zipped bags rather than clasp ones as contents more secure. 
Also like bags with shoulder strap that are  easier to carry."

Lottie M ( Fashion Blogger)
"I would look for colour...it would have to go with pretty much 
every outfit cos switching bags is a pain! 
So probs a black one...it would have to be a good size...not so big 
I couldn't find something quickly like a pen...preferably big enough to 
keep my packed lunch in:) and preferably a long shoulder strap 
so I could put it over my shoulder if I had to carry a 
pile of stuff or something..."

Bonnie B ( from Models of Diversity)
When it comes to bags for me I live by my carpet bag...I'm rarely seen without it..
it's a classic style bag that will never date..goes with any outfit..it's sturdy with 
thick leather straps..practical...huuuuuuge so I can literally travel with the
 kitchen sink...and most of all it's beautiful...x

Lisa C ( Lovely lady from the UK)
"For work I need my bag to be roomy, so I can carry notes around in it. 
The colour should work with a wide range of work outfits as its 
a hassle keep swapping bags to co-ordinate,
 and it should be smart - but never dull! X"


Amy Sellu ( Plus Size model signed to Hugh Models) Link to site
 "For me personally,because I commute by tube,it needs to have a cross body strap but still be large enough to fit a pair of shoes/paperwork etc. For security I Definitely prefer zip up,and pockets inside are ideal for putting car keys and phone without a manic rummage around!!
Quality is also important as I'm always overloading and breaking straps (never nice when in public!)x"

John D ( Lovely chap from the UK)
"Function over fashion with some nice
 little pockets for ur nic- nacs"

Alyson Davies ( Mature Model)
"hi Janie...plenty of pockets, and a secure outside pocket ...
i have 3 mobiles for work (i know sad!) and i need to find them quick! 
so while i like plenty of room inside i hate rummaging around  for phones......
and for work it has to be a shoulder strap so both hands are free
.....colour black/white "

Angie Chance ( Mature Model)
"I want lot's of pockets inside and out because 
I don't like to carry a purse as I like to have somewhere inside the bag 
for credit cards etc: I once left my purse on the table at a restaurant 
which had a lot of money in it as I had just been to the bank,
 sadly when I went back it had gone so ever since then no purse! 
Also a nice cheery colour rather than black and a bright lining. Xx"

Janice Bryant ( Mature Model) 
Link to Site  "I don't care what colour it is, just needs a good strong strap so its easy to carry. classic work bag/briefcase that is not a laptop bag, not masculine, not blingy, beautifully stylish, under £600."

So from what you have all told me,  we all seem to be looking for similar things in that we need a very secure zipped roomy type bag with lots of pockets for our nick nacks. It also seems that color and style are not really important as long as the bag is good, strong , reasonably priced and is able to do the job. 

So heres a few options that I came up with,  
I've gone for a range of prices and fabrics. Hope you like them.  

Written by Janie Britton  - Copyright 2013 -  http://janiebritton.skyeladder.net/  
Note:  All people images are copyright to the contributors of  this article as listed above.
 All bag images taken from the web.

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