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Curvy and Successful: Lareena Mitchell - from TVs "The Voice - Team Tom Jones"

 Lareena is a curvy 33 year old lady from Rossendale Lancashire married to Steven, she is an Adele Tribute act by night and a mother by day to two beautiful boys Harry and Thomas.

Lareena was seen most recently on "The Voice" a talent show where the contestants are aspiring singers drawn from public auditions and the judges have their backs turned to the contestants so they are not influenced purely by appearance.   

See her here in her blind audition, singing "Walking on Broken Glass ", cheered on by hubbie Steven , friends and family.  Whilst she was singing Danny said "sounds like shes good" urging the judges to turn around. Jessie said "WOW Lets go", yet only one judge turned around and we are so glad he did:0).  I just loved Lareena's reaction when she saw the great Tom Jones turn around.


Judge, Will.I.Am, said: “I didn’t see something that I wanted to put on my team. But I’m so glad that Tom did, because he has vision that we don’t have. You’re in good hands.”   

Sir Tom added: “I loved it. You gave it the full Monty, as we say. 

Lareena was picked with seven others to be on the legendary Team Tom Jones and we were delighted to get an exclusive interview with her.

JB - So thank you for chatting to me Lareena ,I've never heard that name before?

LM – “Ha ha yes its a name that my parents made up  - mums called Jean and dads called Larry”.

JB - So tell me how did you first got into music?

LM – “My dads been the main influence, from a young age 4/5 , I’ve always been a bit of a performer.   At age six Sam Fox was one of my favorites and I knew then that I always wanted to be a singer.  Even when I was at high school I used to do the Backing Vocals for my dads band “Souled as Seen  I used to play Alto saxophone as well but gave it up when I was 19/20 when I started doing pubs and clubs, as singing was always my passion” 

Adele tribute Lareena  Mathew Street Liverpool 2012

JB - Do you write your own songs at all?
LM - "I’ve always wanted to , maybe one day but I’ll need to learn the guitar or  piano first."

JB – Did you feel nervous at all when you was on stage for “The Voice”?

LM - "I must admit, I was very nervous and forgot to breathe. My dads a singer and he said take a deep breath before you go on stage. But to be honest the nerves got me straight away.  You’re bound to be nervous though, especially when you walk on the stage and there’s 600 plus people in front of you.

Its really strange when you first step on to the stage as you have to wait 10 seconds for the music to kick in. You’re looking at the people in the audience but you can’t see their faces clearly.

I did for a couple of seconds panic and think what am I doing and how do I get off this stage?  but  I said to myself,  Please don’t do this to yourself.  As I’d not only be letting myself down but my family as well."

JB – Just a thought,  isn’t your name similar to last years winner?
LM -  "Yes I didn’t realise when I entered , I did ask if I could I use my maiden name as I didn’t want  any comparisons to be made , but they didn’t seem to think it was an issue as our voices are very different. Apparently the judges were initially shocked and thought I looked similar to the winner from last year. "

JB - What part of the Voice are you looking forward to the most?
LM – "I’m really looking forward to the battle rounds – there are two country and western singers in the group so plenty of different voice’s, so it should be quite interesting.   You also get to play with a live band which I’m really looking forward to.
I do remember last year though, some of the contestants were screeching, power outing each there, I don’t want to do that.

If you get past the battle rounds , there are also Knock out rounds where you both sing a song each. The judges then choose which person will get through to the live shows."
JB  - Do you get any vocal tuition?
LM -  "Yes I’ve  spent a lot of time with Yvie Burnett  ( vocal coach) , she has been very supportive and  has told me that she really loves my voice and the things I can do with it.  I’ve taken everything on board that she’s said. I’ve found the whole experience amazing."

JB - Have you had any health scares re your singing.
LM – “I did have Nodules on my throat, and having them totally changed my outlook re singing I was told that if I carried on singing the way that I was, I could get throat cancer.  So when I do have a sore throat I rest it and drink lots of water. I’ve also changed the way I sing and do proper vocal exercises.  If I couldn’t sing I don’t know what I’d do as music makes you happy and sad and makes you feel all sorts of emotions”.

JB - How is the voice different to say X Factor?
LM – “X factor is a bit like a cattle market -  I have heard stories where people are picked before the show starts.  The voice is different – my first Audition was back in August 2012 with the producers and then December 2012 with the judges.   When I got a call back the next stage was in London and they very kindly paid all my expenses for the trip."

JB - How did you manage to keep it a secret all of that time?
LM – “To be honest it nearly killed me and my dad was bursting with pride, but I kept the secret and I’ve been getting fab feedback every since – everybody has been so kind.
There have been a couple of comments on YouTube were people have said about pitch-iness, but  others have said I’m really good.  To be honest, I have always had a  great work effic and naturally want to improve myself, so any feedback is great. “

Lareena in the Sun Newspaper

 JB - Do you feel any different now you’re famous and the press are scrambling to talk to you?
LM -   "I'm still surprised, re the publicity, I've been on Lancashire Radio today and in the Sun News Paper plus the local Rossendale Free Press have been on to me as well. I do feel differently but in some other ways I don’t, I don’t want it to change me, I have always been very genuine and not big headed."

JB - What’s your all time favorite song?
LM – “Adele – One and Only – from the moment I heard it I fell in love with it.
It really struck a chord with me and the words mean a lot to me. When I first sang it my dad was in tears – he was dead proud of me. “

JB - Did you get a kiss from the legendary Tom Jones, if not why ( lol) ?

LM – “When I came off stage I gave him a big kiss on the cheek and such a big hug , that I probably bruised his ribs lol.  To be honest he’s very like my dad, very laid-back and what you see is what you get.  I am very in awe of him and my lovely dad."

JB - When Tom turned around how did you feel?
LM - "I didn’t even know he’d turned around, but when I knew he had, it was the most amazing feeling that I’ve ever had."

 JB – Do you get many comments about your curvy frame?
LM – “Yes all the time, I have been on loads of diets and they never worked.
It used to get to me when people told me it would be better for my health if I lost weight.  In fact I had a comment yesterday, this guy was wasted,  I was out singing and he said are you pregnant love and I said no I’m just FAT.

I don’t feel unhealthy, I’m not lazy, I go to the gym and am very energetic, well I have to be with two young kids. In fact I’ve just started Terminal one boot camp and boxercise.

I do get frustrated though when I am looking for something to wear and I just can’t find anything – it gets upsetting. I am very busty so really struggle to find good fitted clothes.“

JB - Who do you aspire to be like, who’s your musical hero as well as Adele of course :0 )?

LM – “I’ve always loved Dusty Springfield and would love to follow in her footsteps  as I was brought up on Soul and Motown.  I’ve always loved her voice; she didn’t have to do any vocal acrobatics.  Dads also been a huge inspiration, I always thought he should have gone further. “


JB - Tell us one thing about yourself that nobody else knows?
LM - "I am a very open book and tend to share everything, I love face book its like a diary.
I was also obsessed with Christian Bale at one point in Batman."

JB - What’s your philosophy in life?
LM – “As long as you are happy with yourself don’t let anything get to you.
Everybody has insecurities – as long as you have your health and your wealth that’s all that matters.  As long as there’s music I’m quite happy. “

JB - Well thank you for chatting to me Lareena, its been a pleasure and we at Dea London wish you lots and lots of luck. xx
LM - Thank you  - I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the support and for all my fans out there,  please vote for me xx"

JB - "So everybody if you want to catch Lareena before she becomes a mega star you can catch her  at the following public gigs,  also check her site for more details of upcoming events."

W – Lareena Official  -
T - @lareena1

Lareenas public gigs
May 10th @ The Rose n Bowl, Stacksteads (Adele Tribute)
May 11th @ The Jolly Sailor, Waterfoot
May 12th @ The Britannia, Hollinwood, Failsworth
May 25th Billington Brass Band Club, Whalley
May 26th kidfest tribute festival, Barrow in Furness
June 6th The Church Inn, Chadderton
June 22nd Hare & Hounds, Stacksteads
June 28th The Pack Horse Inn, Bury (Adele Tribute)

Written by Janie Britton  - Copyright 29/04/2013 -
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