Friday, 11 January 2013

Passion; the real deal or just a passing fashion?

Passion; the real deal or just a passing fashion?
Fortnight column ''Lady B's Musings''
by Carolanne 
Passion...can it be fabricated, created, halted or ignored?

What is this overwhelming feeling that happens only in a choice few times  in your life? The feeling that the whole universe exists just so the two of your worlds can collide. Perhaps it Is chemical,  or maybe animal or even just  mineral.  Is it indeed real,  or is it mere fantasy, fantasy fuelled by Hollywood and the repeated viewing of movies starring Colin Firth?

I'm not sure of the answers to all these questions ...but whatever it is, it's amazing...or maybe the amazing thing is to have it mutually giddy...have it equal..have it reciprocated....

Should we always respond to passion? Is it good for us? Or is lust   often mistaken for passion which is, let's face it, seen as the poor, not as well dressed and slightly wild sister of lust a bad thing never ever to be experienced by she amongst us who counts herself as a lady?
And also, what is this silicon like feeling that masquerades in our hearts as passion, the second best feeling you are able to convince yourself of possessing because the one you're actually passionate about appears to be passionate about another, that "make do feeling" that reminds you that you got there second, never made an entrance and to top it off didn't bother to do your hair properly and really feel it feeling..

Said  feeling, that you convince yourself is real, is so polar opposite from real, and it comes and goes, is intermittent, very much like fashion, is short lived, seasonal, easily forgotten, and no doubt will end up in a 70% off bargain sale bin as though those who have sense, will have the sense to ignore and discard it.

But passion......perhaps passion is for real?  all encompassing,  consuming, inconvenient but so welcomed between a couple, despite the journey to get there.....such deep passion can eventually be viewed as being forever..sensed as being providential. Seen as real. Felt as being "the one"

Is passion a matter of style or a matter of luck, or courage for that matter? The courage to honestly admit, grab and never let go of those who instil that deep feel of "just being" within us..

Being a woman, it's easy to yield to fashion,despite it not being right,  despite the fact we know the short skirt in the latest fashions, or the dress and trouser combo thats hitting the catwalk, Topshop and when feeling decadent Dea London.. and is stretchy so a 14 is achievable, just doesn't suit us...

So the question is.. to settle for fashion, or hold out and wait, yearn and long for the holy grail of passion?

A double edged sword, each possessing a is quick, easy and accessible to our womanly whims & douses said burning needs, but dousing in the very short term

Whereas passion, with it's debonair style, charisma and alluring body caressing qualities, like a bespoke dress...that is made to hang to every curve, to seduce body mind and a piece of couture that is one off, some may even say we have the patience to wait for it? Do we have the innate belief that it may happen? To wait even with the risk of never achieving said love, passion and fireworks... never to know the deep intimacy of the relationship with the sublime bespoke dress, being able to welcomely and seductively run your fingers over the hand crafted stitching at any given opportunity?

Why, in life do we accept such imitations? Even when the ratio meets Gillian McKeith's 80-20% rule? 80% they're amazing but 20% I actually fancy the man who bleeds my radiators more than my live in boyfriend..and I love this bespoke dress more than I love the both of them...

I suppose the question the style Goddess Coco Chanel  said...

Fashion comes and goes, but style endures...and I, without a doubt, despite it being very difficult at times, am most definitely, a stylish lady..

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