Friday, 7 December 2012

Retail therapy...does it make one feel like a Goddess?

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Well, today I certainly do, despite the train issue in London- Quelle Surprise..and my boarding 5 trains, I am excited to be en route to my friend's fashion emporium, a purveyor and particularly perfect designer of delightful clothes for the style conscious curvy girl, where the company is exquisite and the clothes bespoke, providing said girl with couture that caresses her every curve in the same vain that grace and beauty clings to the Venus De Milo.

This set my already inquisitive mind to thinking..
If the fashion conscious, intelligent woman enjoys her couture fitting as snugly as a perfectly manicured hand in a beautiful leather glove, then should this pattern flood through the rest of her exciting life?

Should our relationships be bespoke too or should we accept "men off the rack"? Making do and mending like so many women do in life?

I once heard a very intelligent woman say that marriage was like couture, if it didn't fit perfectly, it didn't work..

How many times have we heard ourselves and our girlfriends say "he's lovely, just a bit boring" or I love him to bits, but he keeps cheating..
To me, this sounds as effective as a 34B brasier supporting my rather capacious just, no matter how hard you try, despite it's beautiful lacy appeal and 70% off price tag, doesn't fit.
Many men ask, what are women looking for in life, and to this I believe there is no definitive answer and the reason for this is, women feel, not just think.
Women use a sense unbeknown to the opposite sex to make our decisions..if a dress fits perfectly it makes us feel beautiful both inside and out, if knickers give a beautiful hourglass look to the hips, we feel the sexiest woman alive and if a man is right for us, he makes us feel like the only woman in the world...
Thus supporting my theory, if we are all unique, then shouldn't our relationships be too?

The days of making do and mending, as far as I'm concerned should have left the day the ration books were disbanded..we live in a modern world with modern women, who may not be able to put what they want into words..but as soon as they try it on will know that it, unequivocally is for it dress..suspender belt or indeed, lover.

So, approaching Dea London to collect my beautiful dress today, does it make me feel like Aphrodite?

Without a shadow of a doubt, and the person I'm loving the me...

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